Add E-kit? (required if you want your tattoos to look real and last longer). EasyMatt (Em) removes shine creating an ultra-realistic matte appearance. One bottle = 15 small tattoos.


(NEW) Delicate Flower x 2


Delicate Flower Semi-Permanent Tattoo

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Discover Nano Ink™ Technology by EasyTatt.ink

SIZE: 11.8cm x 3cm

Included with each purchase:

  • Nano Ink™ tattoo x 2
  • Ep Skin Primer Spray
  • EasyTatt storage pouch
  • Application instructions

 Lasts 1-2 weeks | 100% Organic | Vegan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
sean d.

the tattoos i ordered and have had on for the past week are nothing but amazing, my expectations have been exceeded!
they have lasted for so long and have kept their integrity for days upon days, they even withstand a few baths!
i am extremely impressed and i will definitely purchase again, without a doubt!

the only downside is that when they develop, and you are asleep some ink may end up on your chest or stomach!
unfortunately that was my case, so i would apply them early in the morning

Jasmine Mai
Jasmine Mai

The tattoo came nicely packed and looked good after full development, the only thing it’s a bit bigger than I expected, maybe I’ll choose a smaller size in the future. However in general, it is nice.