How long do the tattoos last?
3-7 days or up to 14 days with the application of EasyMatte™
What is EasyMatte™?
One of the tell tale signs of a temporary tattoo is the shine that it gives off. EasyMatte™ is a shine remover that gives your tattoo a more realistic matte look. It adds a second layer to your tattoo, enabling a longer lasting result. Simply apply a light layer of EasyMatte™ over the tattoo to achieve a matte look and protect it.
Can someone draw a design for me from scratch?
We certainly can. We have artists who love drawing designs from beginning to end. You can speak with one of our artists about the type of design you want then, when it's done, we'll ship it to you as a premium quality temporary tattoo.
This is a great way to make sure you get your tattoo idea just right before getting the needle! Chat with one of our artists here.
What are the shipping times?
Within Australia:
Standard shipping: 3-8 days 
Express shipping: 1-4 days
Standard Shipping 7-14 days
Where does EasyTatt™ ship to?
We ship worldwide
How do I apply my tattoo?
Applying your tattoo is super easy. Just head over to our 'How to apply' page for instructions and an application video.
Are the tattoos safe and non-toxic?
Yes. Our tattoos and EasyMatte™ are safe and non-toxic. They are FDA compliant and also comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003.
How do I remove my tattoo?
You can remove your tattoo with either household tape or warm soapy water.
How do I stock EasyTatt™ in my retail store?
We are preparing to offer wholesale to retailers who wish to stock EasyTatt™ products in their store. Please email us at wholesale@easytatt.com with your expression of interest and we will notify you when we are ready to start taking orders.