Add E-kit? (required if you want your tattoos to look real and last longer). The EasyMatt in this kit removes shine to create an ultra-realistic matt appearance. One bottle = 15-20 tattoos.

Freehand EasyTatt ink kit (Pro)


If you are looking for something a little more permanent than EasyTatt temporary tattoos go no further than EasyTatt ink (Pro) semi-permanent tattoo kit.

The research and development team at EasyTatt has produced the highest quality semi-permanent tattoo ink available on the market. EasyTatt ink is an all-natural fruit-based product that stains human skin a blue/black colour for up to 18 days. EasyTatt has sourced and blended only the finest natural ingredients to produce the darkest stain possible.

This is a freehand non-permanent tattoo product that allows anyone to let their imaginations run wild. The EasyTatt ink Pro kit comes with many extras including tracing paper that allows you to trace any printed design.

Included in the EasyTatt ink Pro kit:

1 x 15ml bottle of EasyTatt ink
5 x Steel tips of various widths
1 x EasyTatt tracing Paper (trace any printed design)
1 x Transfer Cream (for transferring design onto skin)
1 x Dual-Tip Skin Safe Marker
1 x Tracing Pencil
1 x Aftercare Balm
1 x Skin preparation spray
1 x Tattoo glove
1 x Instructions booklet
1 x Tips and Tattoo Care flyer
1 x Storage pouch

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