About EasyTatt


My name is Pascal Tolley Ward and I began developing EasyTatt™ in February 2015 out of a spare room in my house. I'm not going to give you any corporate mumbo jumbo because, frankly, you've heard it all before and it doesn't apply here. EasyTatt™ is a true grass roots story started by a uni student (myself) who had an idea and a relentless passion for business. I run the website in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia with a small, but growing, team. 

The concept for EasyTatt™ came while I was in the decision-making phase of getting a real tattoo. I wasn't looking for anything too drastic, I just wanted something that was small and simple. If you've ever wanted a tattoo but have never actually been able to decide on a design, trust me, I can relate. In fact, my decision-making process went on for so long that I eventually gave up on the idea altogether. For me, the problem was not being able to truly test drive the designs that I was considering. I even tried drawing designs on my arm with a black pen but do I even have to explain how that went? Hint, I'm no artist... 

I wanted an easy way to temporarily try out different designs without, obviously, having to commit to the real thing. I knew about temporary tattoos but I wasn't able to find a company that could print my own design in limited quantities. Those that could print custom designs required minimum order quantities of 500 or more. This was not suitable for me but it created my 'Aha' moment. After 18 months of research and product development, and heavy investment in printing technology, EasyTatt™ was alive.


First and foremost EasyTatt™ is not about replacing tattoos, in fact, we embrace tattoos by giving customers the freedom to make the right choice. Using the latest in temporary tattoo printing technology, we aim to provide users with greater peace of mind and certainty when it comes to getting a tattoo for real. EasyTatts aren't just for people who plan on getting inked, though. They are also a great fashion accessory and work well for events, business logos, weddings, festivals, private parties and more.


Use state-of-the-art temporary tattoo technology to stop regretful tattoos and give everyone, young and old, the freedom to test drive various tattoo designs before getting inked for real. Provide unique ways for businesses and sporting clubs to promote themselves, and add a little more fun to private parties and celebrations.


To be the first thing that comes to peoples' minds when they start the decision-making phase of getting a real tattoo. To build a diverse community of talented tattoo artists and illustrators, and give them the opportunity to expose their work to new audiences.


  • EasyTatt has the world's largest collection of temporary tattoos spanning over 50 different categories with a library that is growing every month.
  • First-of-its-kind tattoo glove shine-removing process (EasyMatte™).
  • 15% royalties to artists + upfront payment to artists for joining EasyTatt™.
  • Artists retain full rights to their work. We only contract for a license to use the artwork. There is no transfer of copyright.
  • Value for money.
How do we offer more value?

For example one of our 'EasyTatt™ Original' sets includes 35 tattoos for $25. This works out to be only .71 cents per tattoo. Of course, we also offer the option to purchase single tattoos but we don't charge you through the roof for them.

With regard to custom tattoos, let's say you've ordered a custom text of 7cm but the custom word that you would like is only 2cm height x 2.5cm in width. What we will do is fit as many of that size within 7cm x 7cm. So in this example, a tattoo of 2cm H x 2.5cm W would fit 9 times with the 7cm x 7cm box and cost you only $5. We don't like wasted space and we want you to have plenty of tattoos to play with!

Our bottle of EasyMatte produces enough for 20-30 medium-sized tattoos. This means that most customers will usually only need to purchase a single bottle and have enough for all of their tattoos. Our tattoo glove is re-usable and so is our super absorbent white cloth. 

Furthermore, we understand that the sizes offered in the library won't always suit the needs of everybody, which is why customers can find a tattoo in our library and then tell us how big they would like the tattoo to be.


Looking for an artist to draw up a completely unique tattoo design? 

Contact Carrie Dotson with your hopes and dreams she'll put them on paper! Afterwards, when you are satisfied with your design, EasyTatt™ can turn it into a premium temporary tattoo! This feature will give you maximum control over your decision making process before getting a real tattoo.