Add E-kit? (required if you want your tattoos to look real and last longer). The EasyMatt in this kit removes shine to create an ultra-realistic matt appearance. One bottle = 15-20 tattoos.


Custom Roses


What you see is what you get!

Each approx 3.5cm x 6cm.

We will add your custom text in a nice cursive font.

Styles are titled 1, 2 and 3 (from top to bottom). Please tell us what you would like your text to be accordingly.

For example:

ONE = Brad & Janet, 

TWO = Bride Tribe

THREE = Just Married.

You can tell us in the 'notes' section when you checkout or by emailing custom@easytatt.com.

Please also specify how many of each style you would like. I.e. if you order 100 tattoos you may want fifty of style ONE and twenty five of style TWO and THREE.

Please call us if you have any problems. We're always here to help.

All Tattoos are packaged and enclosed in a storage pouch.

Included with each purchase: 

  • Selected tattoo(s)
  • Application instructions
  • Tattoo Care instructions

EasyMatte™ (optional extra- you can purchase EasyMatte™ either at the checkout or under the tattoo drop down menu)

EasyMatte™ – Tattoo Shine Remover

EasyMatte™ is a liquid that removes shine and gives your tattoo a more realistic look. It adds a second layer to your tattoo, enabling a longer lasting result. Simply apply a light layer of EasyMatte™ over the tattoo to achieve a matte look and protect it. EasyMatte™ generally keeps the tattoo intact on average for 7 days. EasyMatte™ comes in a 5ml tub at a competitive price, as we are all about giving our customers great value. 5mls of EasyMatte™ is enough for approximately 20-30 tattoos!

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