Add E-kit? - Removes shine and makes your tattoos last longer - One bottle = 15 small tattoos. NOW 30% OFF!


1 Kit - Enough for 15-20 Tattoos

(on orders $45 AUD+)

Pair this product with any EasyTatt temporary tattoo to remove shine and make your tattoos last longer. 1 kit = 15-20 small tattoos.
realistic temporary tattoos
What is in the E-kit?
temporary tattoos that last
The E-kit contains Em, Ep, Magic Towel and Micro-texture glove.
quality temporary tattoo
Em (EasyMatt)
One of the tell tale signs of a temporary tattoo is the shine that it gives off. The EasyMatt (Em) is a shine remover that gives your tattoo a super realistic matte appearance. It's a true game changer!
realistic temporary tattoos
Ep (E-prep)
The E-prep (Ep) is an alcohol based spray that cleanses the skin prior to tattoo application. This gives your tattoo the best chance at staying on the skin for as long as possible. 
Temporary tattoos
Magic Towel and Micro-textured glove
The towel expands under water and is reusable. It is used to apply your tattoos. The glove is used to apply the EasyMatt.
long lasting temporary tattoos
The Em and Ep bottles last a long time. Only 1 spray or 1-2 drops are necessary for a 5cm x 5cm tattoo. The E-kit will easily last you 15-20 tattoos!

Our products are FDA compliant and non-toxic but we do ask that you do not apply near eyes or to sensitive/broken skin.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Lennox
First time user

I received my tattoo kit and was so surprised how easy they are to apply.
Very happy customer.


Easy to use and looks great

Molly Smyth
I am in love

They are really amazing. I have already reordered.

Felix Windmill-Skeed
Really good quality

Really enjoy this product. Will continue to order

Karen Duff

Great quality tatt, very happy with what I got. Packing was safe and secure with a nice thick envelope.